Thursday Thought #69: The End

We are often taught to pursue things that are means, a good salary, recognition, material possessions.. But we are rarely encouraged to pursue things that are ends.

The idea of ends is also a constant reminder of life’s suspended fragility. That the putting off of things that are meaningful to us may not be readily available tomorrow.
People are ends.
Doing the work that is a meaningful to us is an end.
Living and creating and exploring and learning and growing are all ends.
And yet so often were encouraged to take circuitous paths through a means toward these ends — at times forgetting what all the wandering toil is for.
There is always an opportunity to go directly to an end. To take time to enjoy a deep breath or a moment of pause or a moment to look at the world or a moment to connect with the someone who matters to you.

And not to get caught up in the cacophony of means.

May we pursue the ends — before the end.