Thursday Thought #136: Subjective Realities

In his philosophical writings, Immanuel Kant often talked about the difference between a neumenon and a phenomenon. A neumenon was something as it is — the essence of an object or event. The phenomenon was something as we perceive it — the Judgments we make as an event passes through our filters of conditioning and modalities of understanding.

What would happen if we were aware of these subjective realities?

We form beliefs and build assumptions around our own culturescape: the religion, work and values that our culture has instilled within us.

And yet, we constantly see that two people can perceive the same event or consider the same thought and arrive at extremely different conclusions.

This begs the point that we are always constructing our own realities based on these invisible foundations. From a shadow perspective, this can be limiting. We can trap ourselves in a set of assumptions that are never questioned. But in a positive sense, this can be liberating. Because we have the power to shift and to recreate our own belief systems in a way that serves us.

So what subjective realities are you constructing? What questions are you asking yourself about your own beliefs and your own assumptions? What about how your life should be lived?

Are you constructing a life that serves you or a life that fits what you have been taught should serve you?