Thursday Thought #134: Solace

I sit. In a sprawling meadow and listen to the sounds. Chirps. Squawks. Snaps. And squeaks.

I smile. As I’ve been enveloped by the warmth of mother nature’s green embrace.

I regret. That it’s taken me this rare moment of solace to realize just how much it’s needed. How much my body has broken down and cried out for respite

I reflect. On the constant fixation that we have all been ingrained with to add value and be valuable to the world. To show up for others or society even if at times it means sacrificing our sense of well-being.

I remember. A classic facilitation exercise. Ask a group to write a list of five people they love. Have them review list. Ask them if they included themselves.

I release. The guilt associated with stopping and being. And the equal guilt associated with waiting so long to stop and be.

I rejoice. In a moment of rejuvenation and opportunity to return to the world a bit more fully. And a bit more loving.

To others. And to myself