Thursday Thought #133: Living in Concert

There’s a palpable feeling to be in communion with another people. As the powerful voice of a soprano note lifts you into the heavens and you look around seeing the smiles and glistening eyes of those around you. As your heart begins to skip a beat and slide up into your throat beckoning you to make a sound and sing into the rippling ether. And as you feel a chorus of other voices joining you, you create a new world with them.

We’ve tried to create environment of sitting down and passively listening. But there’s a reason why people still seek out social classes and social event: singing in concert is tribal business.

There’s nothing more healing than breaking the rhythm and building musical community with other people. Other human take our voice, share their energy and amplify a moment into scintillating serenity.

That is the power of living in concert. A chorus of sounds of a neighborhood, community or maybe just a city block. Humans have a rarely needed an excuse to build together. And yet we try to shy away from this desire as a vestige of times longsince passed, a obsolete longing that should be eclipsed by the efficiency of Netflix or the quickness of a home delivery.

But nothing can replace the connection between two eyes, two tears, two smiles — amplifying one another into the 3rd dimension. Giving each other what one couldn’t succeed on one’s own: a concert to ring through the heavens.