Thursday Thought #140: Following Your Corps Rhythm

The body is a child of nature. We’re so used to telling ourselves that we have to go at life in a dizzying pace; but our body has a natural rhythm. Whether it’s your chronotype or circadian rhythm or even just your cycles of inspiration, being tied in to the experience of what it means to be embodied is inherently linked with what it means to be human.

This far too much pressure to do things that are unnatural:

–To stimulate ourselves past natural hours
–To consume food that we weren’t designed to ingest
–To push ourselves past the limit of breaking when rest would be far more beneficial to creativity and productivity

We so often think that these wondrous brains of ours hold all of the answers to life — from solving the mysteries of existence to establishing our emotional health. But the brain cannot function in isolation. There are questions even it cannot answer.

Intelligence goes far beyond the brain — far beyond levels of cognition — especially conscious cognition. There is intelligence in intuition and there’s intelligence in connection. There’s far more intelligence in nature then we give credit, and we too often try to think our way out of challenges of intuition and emotion.

To reconnect with the experience of the body, to reconnect with the instrument that gives the brain and spirit information and that acts as the conduit between us in the outside world, is to give ourselves new life.

Listening to the messages of the body is the deepest practice of self-honoring.

So may we reclaim our alignment with our natural state of being — and find both happiness and effectiveness in that place.