Thursday Thought #142: The Wildfire


The wildfire.

We always greet the wildfire which a sense of fear or despair. We speak of the destruction it wreaks. We speak of the many ways in which we can work to prevent it.

But the wildfire is not an event of pure destruction. Rather, it is a clearing of the underbrush of the old in order to be able to usher in the growth of the new.

And so it is in our own lives. Things that seem to be tearing down the structures of what we know — the old habits, the old stories, the old environments — are often making way for the seeds of a new identity. And new sense of self.

Debris collects. And even from a life where many things have served, the dust will collect in a way that may not reflect the person we are in this current moment.

And so how can we recognize the opportunity within in the wild fire? How can we honor its place in serving as a vehicle of clearing? What needs to be cleared in your own life?

Rare is the opportunity to clear away the old and behold the beauty of a new seed of being.