Thursday Thought #148: The Depths

Over these last few weeks, I have been in the depths. A lot of the assumptions I made about my community and my identity have been shaken, broken, turned upside down, and fallen away.

When we are in a period of foundational change, it can be really easy to retreat into the self. It can be easy to want to slink down and do the hard stuff on your own.

But being in the throes of the deepest and most difficult change requires reaching out to those who are most important to you. In that hour of vulnerability and hour of need, it’s the most difficult and yet most rewarding task to lean on your community and support systems in order to find strength into a new way of being.

Being shaken at the foundation means being presented with the opportunity of building a new one. But it’s hard to build alone.

So if you find yourself diving into your own depths, make sure you have someone tracking your journey. When you resurface, may you resurface with a sense of safety and someone with whom to celebrate a new sense self