Thursday Thought #161: Being Well

I often give people the parting words: “Be well.” When I do, I mean it ever so sincerely every single time I say it.

Wellness feels like our birthright and yet is not our usual state of being in modern society. When things are going too well, people are wont to comment on that they’re “waiting for the other shoe to drop” or are poised for things to urn against them. This is not to say that we don’t have real negative things that affect us, but being in a state of wellness is indeed our stasis wants to go.

Who are we when we escape from the tangled vortexes of expectations and self-doubt?

All we are left with is a state of being. The state in which we realize that the identities, expectations, fears and even accomplishments that whir around in our heads are simply stories that we tell ourselves in our own mind. But that there is a deeper essence — ethereal and infinite — that pervades us in the exact same way it pervades all life forms. And it’s there to remind us of a very simple truth: That we exist. Nothing more. For nothing more is needed

There’s no need to fret for the future in this space. There is no need to postulate on what might have been in the past.

Not everything in life will go the way we expect it to. In fact, most things will not. But all will unfold as it will — that is guaranteed. Because life is always unfolding. But there is a space that we can always reach — one that I feel I am always seeking — as we all are.

As St. Francis would say: We are seeking the place from which we are looking. We are looking for the mountain from atop its peak. And this is the place of greatest joy. A place where there is no suffering. No judgment. A place of being well.

So I wish for you and myself and all beings,

Be Well