I believe that too many men are afraid to strive for greatness and nobility in this world. Both nobility in spirit and nobility in action. And that’s what this website is about.

  1. We do it through posts focusing on learning about powerful habits, psychology, meditation, and introspection/reflection exercises. That is the section called “Self.” It’s about just that: mastering yourself.
  2. We do it through telling the life stories of great figures of the past, through sharing my own travel memoirs from the nearly 50 countries I’ve visited, and sharing the short stories that I continue to craft as a write. That is the section called “Stories.”
  3. We do it through inspiring ourselves with the wise quotes, poems and passages from the most illuminated minds of the past, and occasionally from yours truly. That is the section called “Sayings.”

People call me the Modern Voltaire. I believe that’s because I see myself as a philosopher in the traditional sense. I have a true love of knowledge. That is expressed through writing, speaking, and teaching – anchored by the desire to compel people to think and feel deeply.