A Prayer for Faith in Yourself

Last night I was reading a set of little prayer cards taken from every denomination in the world. It was really powerful to trace the threads of similar profundity throughout each one. So I’ve decided to share one of the few that especially touched me. Although it says God, it can be replaced by any force or figure that resonates with you more: Buddha/Krishna/Allah/Nature and so forth. I’ve found that regardless of their singular ability to impact this world, people always need reminders of their value. That yes, it this great big world, in these great big Cosmos, *You still matter.* And people need you.

A Prayer for Faith in Yourself

Have Faith in Yourself!

Believe in God’s goodness

Enough to understand

That you are important to Him

Have faith that you are

Precious to Him

God is so good that every single

Person is great, important

And infinitely valuable in His eyes