Are You Comfortable With Uncertainty?

The winter darkness  always bring about a period of reflection on transitions. Some of these transitions are literal – moving to new places, finding new jobs, or forging new connections. Some are metaphorical – releasing narratives, setting intentions, and reaffirming strength.


But what lies behind the door of tomorrow is always a mystery. And because fear is linked to lack of control – that mystery can be the source of great trepidation. What makes the unease even worse is waiting. Waiting is a deceptively active process. And it can be painful. Once you’ve done the work and watered your seeds, you can only wait for them to sprout. Once you’ve put in the work to spark your own transformation or place yourself in a new environment, all you can do is wait for the fruit of your labor.

But sooner or later, that door with open. The dust will settle. And you will walk out into a new dawn. But until then, wait patiently, and embrace that this whole life is marked by uncertainty. Every moment, every year, and even every breath – from first to last – is at the doorstep of the unknown. But that’s what makes it beautiful. That’s what sparks appreciation. And that’s what makes being in the world a very worthwhile endeavor.


Painting Credit: Running Through The Forest, Trails of Uncertainty; Jennifer Perlmutter

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